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What is this?

Hi! The Forever Workshop is a project by Chill Subs to make writing education available to everyone.

Each month, a different instructor takes over this Substack account to release a self-paced workshop in their area of expertise.

We host instructors from all different genres, niches and aspects of the writing industry. If you like tapas, beer flights and free samples you’ll probably like how we do things.

How’s it work?

All workshops are in newsletter format. As long as you’ve subscribed,  lessons will be sent to your inbox as the instructor posts them. 

Instructors personally engage with subscribers in the comment section during the month they teach. Once their workshop ends, it’s added to our collection and a new instructor takes over.

Free subscribers receive half of the lessons from every workshop and full access to our “Submitters Guide to Lit Mags" course. 

Paid subscribers receive all lessons from every workshop plus access to our complete workshop collection for $10 a month. 

Frequently asked questions:

What time is my workshop?

All of our workshops are in newsletter format and self-paced so you can take them at any time you like.  Instructors typically send 1 - 3 lessons a week and as long as you’re subscribed you won’t miss em’.

Is this workshop on zoom?

Nope. Forever workshops are always in newsletter format.

Where do I find the current workshop? Here

Where can I see all of your workshops? Here

I have a question that you didn’t answer! Email shelby@chillsubs.com

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